Pseudo Film Experiment

It has occurred to me recently that with digital photography and the ever expanding size of memory cards it isn’t uncommon to shoot several hundred photos at a time. Shooting in digital is also very inexpensive in comparison to shooting film as you don’t have the overhead of buying film and having it developed. This contributes to a spray and pray mentality, take lots of photos and hope that at least some come out well. I know I’ve been guilty of this from time to time.

I had this idea for a project after coming to the conclusion that I wanted to improve my hit rate. I had taken around 300 photos at a shoot and when reviewing the images on my computer there weren’t as many keepers as I would have hoped for.

I found a 1GB memory card in my camera bag and on putting it in my D5300 realised it would allow for around 27 exposures. A very similar number to what was previously possible on film.

I intend to utilise this small memory card to replicate shooting film in the sense of having to be much more careful when it comes to pushing the shutter release. As an added incentive to ensure I take as much care and attention to the images as possible I am also going to publish every frame I shoot for this experiment.


Here are the photos that were taken as part of this experiment:


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