Project 52 2015 Review

At the start of January I started a year long photography project to take at least one photo each week for the year and even though at times I have been many weeks behind in posting photos online I have managed to complete the project without missing one week.

I feel that this is a quite an achievement considering we spent three weeks at the hospital 12 hours a day with Ellie and Isabelle, when they were first born in September.

I must admit that there were times when I had to take a photo last minute when I realised it was Wednesday and we were about to roll into the next week of the project however I think this only forced me to be more creative. I also had occasions when I would be looking through photos that I had taken in a specific week in order to find a ‘project 52 image’ to post online, perhaps this doesn’t quite fit the purpose of the project but nether the less I have a collection of 52 images for the year and I’m quite happy with that.

Looking back over the photos I can see that my skills have definietly progressed over the year, both in terms of my photography and post processing. Whether that’s a direct result of the project I’m not sure but I definietly think it has been a contributing factor.

If I were to do a project 52 again I think I would add some more constraints in order to promote my creativity although in 2016 I’m hoping to force myself to be more creative in a different way. Watch this space.

These are a few of my favourite photos that I have taken as part of this project.


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